Henderson Pest Elimination, LLC

We are involved in Community

We Value Children

Horse clubs allow children with horse dreams to make a lifetime of memories

We proudly support Leadership Horse Club as it helps children with horse dreams pursue those goals and build a Lifetime of Awesome memories.


Rotary International

Rotary and Rotary International. We are active in Rotary because we care about children / Community

We are involved in Rotary International so that we may serve the needs of the children in our community and the world

Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch

We have been a Lifetime Honorary member of the Florida Sheriff's association since 2003.  This organ

We have been a Lifetime Honorary member of the Florida Sheriff's association since 2003.  This organization supports children in crisis through no fault of their own.

About us

Termite Bond, Lifetime Termite Warranty, Homeowners insurance for Termites, Massey Services


My dad was in this business before I was born and I have always loved this work.  After high school we changed the company name to Henderson Pest Elimination.  And for most of the past 30 years we had built a mostly commercial business across 7 states.  And recently we then sold off those commercial accounts so dad could retire.

I have a lifetime of experience in this industry as a residential and commercial pest elimination expert.  And have several patent pending proprietary products for this business.

The most important thing I offer is integrity, as dad taught us to be honest and always provide the best quality of services possible.  And having been State certified in several States I learn and provide only the safest chemical and non chemical treatments and exclusion procedures.  In the good ole days pesticides were moderately toxic to people and pets as well as insects.  But for most of the last 20 years we have used Scientific insecticides which are less toxic to mammals than table salt.  And the vast majority of what we use is 2.5 times LESS Toxic than table salt to all mammals, while being very effective on insects

And now with dad retired and no more out of state clients you will always have me here to take care of you and your family's pest needs.

Now my clients get the boss to service their home with a lifetime of experience and knowledge, along with care and safety.

Because we care about children and the community.  Since 2003 I have donated over $300,000. in assets towards the children at The Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches, Great Oaks Village in Orlando, and other similar organizations.