Termite pest Elimination

Termite damage warranty

Lifetime $2,000,000. Termite Treatment & Warranty

By 2030 Formosan Termites will be the predominant subterranean termite in Central Florida.  Be certain to check that your current termite treatment includes in writing that Formosan Termites and their damages are included.

Because Formosan Termites can devastate the roof and second floor supports in just 90 days, we are the only company to provide a $2,000,000.00 Lifetime Termite Damage Warranty.
NEVER buy a house without an active Lifetime Termite Damage warranty that includes Formosan Termites.  Formosan, Asian, Eastern, etc. they are all included in the treatment.

Drywood Termites

We provide long term residual treatment for Drywood Termites.  No tent is required, no dangerous gas.   HPE injects the wood at up to 1,700 psi with residual products which last for many years


We offer our exclusive $2, million dollars termite damage warranty should you have future termite damage after our treatment

Packaging Termites and Pest Control

By combining 

All Termites, 

All Pest Control,

plus Mosquito Treatment

you save money 

Orlando Termite Elimination


Lifetime Renewable Warranty


termite damage warranty

Lifetime termite treatment & warranty in Orlando, Lake Nona, and Kissimmee, and most of Central Florida.


Termites want cellulose.  The wood in your house has only a small amount of cellulose so they have to eat a lot.  The termite-grenade gives the termites various preferred types of high content cellulose.  They detect this cellulose in the ground much like children hear the ice cream truck.  Then they eat our special cellulose along with products which condemns the entire colony.  Let us use 60+ years of termite experience to protect your home  

Termite Grenade


Termite Surprise

Covered by insulation

Termite Surprise

Termites think the termite grenade is free candy but soon after they begin to enjoy the easy meal they are full and no longer able to eat.  Then they rub against each other thereby spreading their inability to eat.  {I sure wish it worked on me. but nope its extremely safe around people and pets}. 

termites hidden


Covered by insulation

Termite Surprise

80+% of all potential termite damage is hidden from view.  A termite inspection only reveals visible activity which means many homes already have an infestation without any visual signs.

A termite inspection is a poor way to protect your most valuable investment.  Only a Lifetime Termite treatment and warranty which includes Formosan termites can protect you!!!!!

hidden termite damages

Covered by insulation

Covered by insulation

Covered by insulation

Unfortunately insulation in the attic can cover termite activity.  A proactive preventative treatment program is always the best approach.  Here in Florida we have a high water table which encourages hungry subterranean termites to feast on your home.  Even concrete block homes can have extreme termite damage to the truss'