Henderson Pest Elimination, LLC

Treatment specific to the Pests

Total Roach Elimination

Roaches, german roaches, water bugs

Using target specific treatments we can eliminate even the most stubborn roaches infestations.  And prevent you from having an infestation.  

Since insects breathe as they move their legs through tiny holes called spiracles, they will drown if they try to swim.  So in the summer months as the heavy rains come they want to enter your home to keep from drowning.



Sometimes using sprays will cause an ant problem to become worse.  So we recognize the type of problem and only use the treatment which is best for the target pest.  Professional identification of the target pest and application of the correct method of treatment is the solution to your pest problems and to protect your family

Do it right


Regular exterior treatments with granular and/or liquids using IGRs to break the breeding cycles helping to reduce the number of pests that enter your home.  Of course we also sweep down the spider webs and brush on new product to reduce and discourage new pest activity.  As well as treating and removing wasp nests within reach.