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Mosquito Pest Control Elimination

As of 9.11.2019 at least 11 people have died in the USA from Eastern Equine Encephalitis and thousands more have been infected with other diseases. Please let us help protect your family.,  The Mosquito protection services are applied on  schedule which includes and Exciter product to get resting Mosquitoes actively absorbing each treatment. Plus micro-encapsulated products which offers long lasting kill when new mosquitoes enter your property after our service application, which are used in rotation to prevent resistance, plus an awesome growth regulator which is passed from the adults to the eggs which ends the cycle of breeding, and of course a quick kill product to help protect your family from the immediate situation.

1. Quick kill immediate Mosquitoes

2. Long lasting Residual Application

3. Rotation of product to prevent resistance

4. Exciter to get the treatment into the resting Mosquitoes

5. Stopping the breeding cycle

Yes we can accomplish a greater mosquitoes free zone with the addition of

treatments to your neighbor’s homes too. But even without them our clients usually see a significant reduction of mosquitoes around their homes. Of course we ask you to be vigilant in the prevention of standing water for longer than 6 days from anywhere around your property and encourage your neighbors to prevent this as well.

Also since some mosquitoes lay their eggs just above the water line, please wash

the container rather than just dumping it. This includes bird baths. Also should

your community have any standing body of stagnant water please encourage your HOA to correct this mosquito breeding habitat through the county authority.

Henderson Pest Control wants to keep you and your loved ones as safe from mosquito borne disease as possible. We are actively learning the newest, safe and effective treatment from The University of Florida, The Florida Pest Management Association, and the Florida Mosquito Control Association.

Mosquitoes are responsible for killing and injuring more people than all other

predators combined. Let us help you.


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